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Integrated bathroom price

Integrated bathroom price

Product Details

1. The quality is more stable

Because wall panels, floor tiles, and ceilings are all produced in the factory, only simple installation is required on site, which eliminates the instability of traditional bathroom masons' manual work.Integrated bathroomThe quality is more stable and guaranteed.

2. Fast installation

The construction site has building block-style operation specifications and simple installation. A set of integrated toilets can be installed in only 4 hours. Compared with the half-month construction period of traditional bathroom, the construction period is significantly shortened and the investment in manpower and material resources is reduced.

3. Solve the problem of water leakage

Water leakage is a major problem in traditional bathroom. Once there is a problem with the waterproofing operation, the bathroom decoration can only be overturned. Time-consuming and labor-intensive consumables also affect the relationship between neighbors. The integrated bathroom floor uses an integrated waterproof chassis, and the flange design of the chassis allows The chassis is like a bowl, has a water storage function, and solves the problem of water leakage in the toilet.

4. More convenient to clean

The SMC material of the integrated toilet chassis is compact and non-porous, and the corners are treated with arcs to prevent dead corners and make it easier to clean.