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Is it good or bad to install an integrated toilet?

The integrated bathroom is to break the traditional single bathroom product development concept, to integrate the bathroom space, and then to centralize the production of bathroom products. This should refer to the combined bathroom, which means that this bathroom is not used when the house is built. The toilet was built, but later assembled with other materials, so it is called an integrated toilet. The integrated toilet uses SMC aerospace resin composite material integrated molding, the overall molding process; the integrated toilet is generally used for sanitary facilities in homes or public places, and belongs to the field of sanitary equipment required by human life. Regarding rooms without toilets, brick walls can be installed directly, and the whole bathroom can be installed directly; there is no dust, noise pollution and can be installed layer by layer. To put it simply, the integrated bathroom is the product's plates assembled with screws and other hardware, also called plate assembly.

The planning of the wet and dry zoning of the integrated toilet prevents us from slipping due to wet ground. Especially for the elderly, the wet and dry zoning of the integrated toilet is very necessary, and the anti-skid method on the ground should be done.

Washing machines, bathroom cabinets and other items are often placed in integrated toilets. The common feature of these items is that long-term exposure to a humid environment will reduce their service life. The integrated toilet will damage the internal components and wood products. Deformed by moisture.

It is necessary to know that the humid environment of the integrated toilet is prone to bacteria and forearm, and the wet and dry zone of the integrated toilet can effectively avoid the random evaporation of water vapor, to a certain extent, to ensure the dryness of the space, reduce the possibility of forearm, and provide a lot of sanitation.

The dry and wet separation of the finished bathroom will also appear to be more simple and comfortable in format, and the overall rationality of the format is visually orderly. So when decorating the integrated bathroom, you can still follow your own preferences. Decorate the bathroom in a comfortable way.