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Have you understood the market development space of the overall bathroom?

Nowadays, many customers generally choose the whole bathroom when choosing sanitary ware for the clean and beautiful home. The emergence of the overall bathroom has accelerated the integration of bathroom products and the further development of the bathroom industry, while also saving customers time and energy for decoration. Its appearance means that customers no longer need to run around for toilets, basins, mirrors, bathtubs, etc., but only need to be optimistic about the design scheme and price, and they can easily own a set of integrated bathroom that belongs to them. Therefore, major sanitary ware companies need to strengthen industry integration, abandon the previous extensive development methods, and take industrial intensive development to optimize the industrial structure to maintain the healthy development of the industry.

The overall bathroom mall has huge potential

With the gradual development of bathroom design, the “integrated bathroom” with a full set of solutions is attracting attention from the industry and customers, who have gradually accelerated their pace in occupying the bathroom market. People have a new interpretation of the concept of the overall bathroom. The overall bathroom, namely sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, bath screen, bathtub, faucet, shower, ceramic tile accessories and other individual product designs are integrated into a unified overall environment, which is the overall treatment plan of the family bathroom space.

According to estimates by industry insiders, in the next five years, the overall toilet mall space will reach more than 40 billion yuan. If a large number of supporting kitchen and bathroom appliances are added, the mall space is expected to reach 100 billion yuan in the next 10 years. As major brands intervene in all aspects of the kitchen and bathroom, integrate resources, become stronger and bigger agilely, meet customers' demand for "integration" of overall bathroom consumption, narrow the gap between products and customers, and become the development of the overall bathroom enterprise Primary direction.

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