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Is the overall bathroom water saving better?

Is the less water used in the overall bathroom products, the better? This is a problem that users and customers are more concerned about when choosing integral sanitary products.

The inverted triangle design of the toilet flow hole is better than the U-shaped performance. The larger the diameter of the drain pipe, the less hydraulic water used for flushing. In addition, the small spout has less water and strong cleanliness; of course, depending on the inclination of the water surface, the inclination of the large brush force is also large. The higher the water tank, the more water can be saved. Because the higher the water level, the greater the water pressure, the greater the impulse; the smoother the inner wall, the more stable the impulse. Now the siphon flushing method is a way to save water.

It is worth mentioning that the water-saving effect of the overall bathroom products is that the less water is used, the better. If the concept of water-saving goes to the extreme, it will weaken the clean and comfortable functions of the overall bathroom. The rate of cleaning and water exchange is now the standard for measuring water-saving toilets in the profession. In the toilet's horizontal flushing interval, only the flushing interval is reached to ensure that the dirt is washed away. Some so-called 2L and 3L water-saving toilets only flush the dirt of the toilet, which may cause the dust to return.

For the on-site acquisition experience of the entire bathroom products, the selection and acquisition of the overall bathroom products are important for on-site testing. The real water-saving products are carried out under the premise of rinsing. One of the keys to saving water is that the flushing time is short and fast. The shorter the reaction time, the better the water saving effect. When buying a water-saving bathroom, we cannot distinguish between water saving and appearance, so it is safer to choose a big brand. Some products are labeled as "less water", but they need to be washed repeatedly. In that case, it won't save money.

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