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How to do the anti-skid work of the whole bathroom

The overall bathroom room has many functions and the price is relatively high, usually it is not possible to order. The integral shower room with steam function is also known as the steam room. Heart disease, hypertension patients and children cannot use the steam room alone. Compared with the overall shower room, the simple shower room does not have a "roof", and the style is very rich. Its basic structure is a bottom basin or artificial stone bottom sill or natural stone bottom sill. The bottom basin is made of ceramic, acrylic, artificial stone, etc. Plastic or tempered glass shower room is installed on the bottom sill or bottom basin, and the tempered glass door is made of ordinary tempered glass, high-quality tempered glass, water wave tempered glass and cloth-patterned tempered glass.

For the overall bathroom manufacturer, we can first remove the cover and quietly pull down the cover to reveal the electric fan; then, squeeze the metal installation wires on both sides and slide it out of the slot. This will allow the cover to be removed from the fan cover. Now you can see the amount of dust and dirt you are dealing with, and then start working.

Spatially separate wet and dry

In the overall bathroom, firstly, the shower area is separated from the toilet and basin area. Keep the place outside the bath dry, so that it will not slip due to the accumulation of water on the ground, which greatly improves the safety.

Use non-slip building materials on the ground

Regardless of whether you use ceramic tiles or flooring on the bathroom floor, it is not only waterproof but also non-slip, like a plastic floor that is slippery when wet, it is not suitable for use in the bathroom. For bathroom floor tiles, first consider the three types of quartz tiles, antique tiles, and emery tiles. The appropriate slope is laid to ensure that the stagnant water flows smoothly through the floor drain. For the floor, plywood reinforced hardwood floor can be used, which has a good moisture-proof effect.

Put on a non-slip mat

It's a big or small thing to walk out of the bathroom or to fall over the bathtub. In order to prevent such primary mistakes and embarrassment, it is recommended to buy a non-slip foot mat.