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How to store the whole bathroom reasonably

Reasonable storage steps for the whole bathroom:

1. Make full use of the space under the washbasin. It can be designed as a storage cabinet to put towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and various bath shampoo supplies, and can also be used to store toilet paper. The installation of this storage method can ensure the necessary separation of wet and dry in the overall bathroom space.

2. Design the back of the mirror into a compact storage space for washing and skin care products. The whole bathroom is like this, the countertop of the entire washbasin will become clean, and when you want to use it, you can easily get what you need by turning on the mirror.

3. Built-in small shelves can be installed at the corners of the shower room or bathhouse, which not only makes full use of and beautifies the space, but also makes it unnecessary to run out of the bathhouse wet and get the forgotten ones outside when taking a bath. Bathing utensils.

4. Use the hook or crossbar on the back of the door to hang and store your towels, bath towels, etc., to make full use of the space. But remember that the back of the door is a ventilated corner. The bath towels and bathrobes hanging here should be rinsed with clean water frequently, so that the ultraviolet rays in the sun can completely disinfect them.

This kind of bathroom design is very harmonious and unified in terms of architecture and supporting facilities. It can also be designed according to our space area and needs, so as to better use the space. At the same time, this bathroom design combines multiple functions at the same time. The design, forming a whole, is a whole form, and the installation is very simple.

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