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Why are the hotel toilets separated by glass

In modern society, most people have stayed in hotels. Whether it is due to overnight trips or business trips, there is too much demand for accommodation outside. There are also many hotels for people to choose from. I don’t know if we have discovered that some hotel bathrooms are partitioned with glass instead of walls. I believe this will make many people feel uncomfortable. After all, it’s not the same as the bathroom at home. The same, and using glass as a partition, many people feel that privacy is not well protected. However, the hotel has his own reasons for doing this, let me tell you! Why manyHotel toiletAre they all made of glass? After reading a long experience!

First of all, the hotel does this because the glass will appear larger than the wall. We all like to live in a wider room, and use glass as a partition. In the same area, the visual effect will appear to be larger than the actual room and save space.

Second, to save energy. We should all agree that light can penetrate the glass but not the wall. Therefore, if you use transparent glass, you don't need to set up a light source in the shower area separately, which is also for saving electricity.

Another thing is that some people forget to turn off the lights after going to the toilet or after taking a shower. If you use a wall as a partition, many people will often forget, and then turn on the lights all night, but if they are made of glass The interval, whether the lights are turned on or not, can be seen at a glance, which is also a reminder to turn off the lights.

Third, facilitate cleaning. We must have done general cleaning at home. The cleaning of the glass must be simpler than the cleaning of the wall. There may be mildew in the corners, but the glass will not. And after cleaning, it will still look bright, and the room will not look shabby, making customers more satisfied.

Fourth, add some sentiment. Since many people staying in the hotel are couples, the hotel may also do this to mobilize some atmosphere.

Fifth, safety. I believe we have also heard the news that many hotels will sneak into strangers hiding in the rooms, and the hotel uses this kind of glass bathroom, you can see at a glance whether there are bad people hiding in the room, but also to avoid theft problem and protect the house. The personal and industrial safety of customers.

In general, the hotel is set up with glass as a partition, or a comprehensive consideration of several reasons, after reading a long experience!