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How to better design the overall bathroom

The overall bathroom is a modern bathroom decoration, a decorative form of the bathroom. Because of the use of glass as the partition, the overall bathroom looks very beautiful, the overall bathroom is also waterproof, and the bathroom has high dryness, which is loved by many fashionable owners. So how to install and design the overall bathroom? Let us introduce the common sense of the overall bathroom installation.

1. Threshold design

The design of the bathroom threshold is very important, because it can prevent the water in the bathroom from flowing out, so the decorative design of the threshold should pay special attention to that the flat design of the threshold must be skewed toward the inside of the bathroom, which is conducive to drainage. Water will not enter outside. The second area that needs our attention is that the width of the door sill must be the same as the width of the door frame, and the thickness of the door sill must be the same as the thickness of the wall, so as to reduce the chance of cracks when laying the floor.

2. Laying of floor tiles

The laying of bathroom floor tiles need to pay attention to several aspects. The area that needs attention is that the floor tiles cannot be flattened. Because the water in the bathroom needs to flow to the drain, the laying of the floor tiles needs to be a bit skewed so that the water can flow into the drain smoothly. The second thing to pay attention to is the joints of the floor tiles. It is necessary to do the same everywhere, and it is necessary to align with the joints of the wall tiles.

3. Waterproof on the ground

Waterproofing work on the ground is also a very important work, and the common waterproof material is waterproofing agent. When decorating the bathroom, the waterproof layer must be laid 20 cm above the floor, and it cannot be lower than the height of the threshold. If there is a reserved pipe on the floor, the reserved pipe needs to be wrapped with a waterproof layer.

4. Bathroom socket

The sockets for waterproof toilets must be adequate, otherwise there will be more problems. If you reserve a socket around the wash basin, you can place a hair dryer. If you want to install a smart toilet, you need to reserve a socket around the toilet. In addition, for the sake of safety, use waterproof sockets with covers. If these things are not properly decorated in the early stage, you can only use the patch panel in the later stage. This is really not a wise and stable method in a humid bathroom.