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What are the performance of the integrated bathroom

In order to make decoration more convenient and time-saving, more and more people choose integrated decoration. Traditional decoration requires preliminary planning and design. Owners run errands to find decoration companies to negotiate prices, build factories and market to buy decoration materials, etc., which is laborious and laborious. In contrast, the integrated bathroom eliminates the need for design and purchase processes, and the decoration company arranges from the early stage to the later stage. While bringing convenience, it is also necessary to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of integrated toilets.

1. The integrated bathroom has a dedicated assembly line and unified design from product design to installation. The integrated toilet combines the functions of hand washing, bathing and toileting to form an overall functional area and can be integrated with the surrounding environment. The integrated toilet has many advantages. Mainly low-carbon and environmentally friendly. The materials used in the integrated toilet are all specially designed by the same manufacturer, and the selection of traditional toilet decoration materials is more messy. Generally speaking, integrated toilets will choose more environmentally friendly products, which can make the carbon content of indoor air low. Secondly, it is safe and reliable. The integrated toilet uses SMC, ABS and FRP materials, which have good insulation and high temperature resistance. The important advantage of zui is integration. The owner does not need to worry about the process from design to decoration, and the effect is good.

2. The shortcomings of one-piece toilets are also more prominent, because each process of decoration is completed by the decoration company, which is more expensive than traditional decoration, and it is not a mainstream choice for the time being. Secondly, because the integrated bathroom requires a certain amount of space to install various sanitary products, there are stricter requirements on the size of the apartment. Generally speaking, integrated toilets are suitable for installation in large-sized houses.

One-piece toilets are getting more and more attention. Before choosing a one-piece decoration for the bathroom, you must carefully consider objective factors such as budget and house size. It is necessary to know whether to install an integrated toilet. Pay more attention to its advantages and disadvantages.