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How big is the hotel bathroom?

For a hotel, the toilet is indispensable, but what size of toilet is more suitable? The editor of the hotel toilet below summarizes the following six points based on what I know. I hope it can help you.

1. The bathroom has good waterproof, drainage, and slip resistance, and needs to be neat and beautiful;

2. Three square meters is the minimum area of ​​the bathroom, and it has just been able to organize the sink, toilet and bathing equipment;

3. Nowadays, most of the floor of the hotel bathroom is paved with moisture-proof floor tiles. Its operation is relatively convenient. Firstly, the cement floor is chiseled and washed, and the floating ash is swept away, and a layer of 1:2 cement mortar is spread with some building glue. , The cement mortar should be smoothed as much as possible, and then the floor tiles can be attached;

4. When you need to choose sanitary ware for a three-square-meter bathroom, it is necessary to consider leaving a certain amount of space for activities. The washstand and toilet should be delicate; the shower should be set against the corner, and the shower can use a straight shower board or Simple shower. Others, you can use the bath mirror to achieve the visual effect of expanding the small space;

5. Minimal items should be placed in the bathroom as little as possible. The various small layouts will make the small bath room more congested and messy. The shower method is more convenient than the bathtub. Generally, a corner of the bathroom can be set as a shower room with glass or shower curtains, but shower rooms are not recommended. Less than 0.8m×0.8m, otherwise it is inconvenient to turn around. Bathhouses often have one or two walls without equipment or other items. For this, you can choose a piece of furniture that can reasonably use the corner space according to the width of the wall, such as storage Cabinet, can store all the loose bathroom supplies in it. The mirror surface of the bathroom cabinet can be selected to be mounted on the storage cabinet, and the space under the basin can be used to make a storage space.