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What convenience can prefabricated toilets bring to life

Introduction of prefabricated toilet:

1. Material advantages: The prefabricated toilet introduces European technology. The main materials use SMC aviation resin and HCM Regent composite board, which are more environmentally friendly than the commonly used sheet plastics on the market, with higher material stability and better performance; the exterior wall can be Use SMC double-layer composite board for heat preservation, sound insulation and moisture proof, without secondary decoration. HCM Lijing composite board has processed the color unity of SMC, with wood grain series, cloth grain series, stone grain series, monochrome series and more than 100 colors to choose from.

2. Produced like a car, all parts of the toilet are prefabricated in the factory. The main body of the toilet uses a large CNC press and fine steel molds to complete the industrialization and standardized production to ensure consistent quality.

3. The standard and standardized high-efficiency installation method of the bathroom, which is the same as building blocks, replaces the traditional decoration method with cumbersome procedures and unstable quality. It is installed within 4 hours and is ready to use.

4 In the entire process of material, production, installation, and application of low-carbon SMC products, carbon emissions are far lower than ceramic tile products, and formaldehyde emissions have also reached the regulatory standard.

5. The prefabricated toilet does not need to be waterproofed, it has a flowing water slope, and the actual installation level can be adjusted without waterproofing, which facilitates installation.

6. The main body of the prefabricated bathroom is light in weight, strong, resistant to acid and alkali, aging resistance, and durable for more than 20 years.

7. The prefabricated bathroom feels intimate on the skin. In winter, the body touches the tiles, and the coldness feels through the heart and lungs! The walls of all bathrooms have a warm and warm texture on the floor, without the coldness of tiles!

8. Introduce Japanese prefabricated bathroom skills, scientific and avant-garde planning, no need for secondary planning, so that your decoration is full of beauty.

9. The prefabricated toilet materials are fireproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, non-slip and high hardness.

10. More optimized details: The chassis and top cover are equipped with inspection ports, which can effectively deal with the problem of toilet water clogging and water and electricity connection problems. If there is a problem, it is more convenient to repair.