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Can people fully accept the new integrated toilet

The integrated toilet is a space-saving assembled toilet, a new type of household daily necessities, including a small integral toilet with a structure and a wall panel structure and the shower, washing, and defecation equipment inside. Including a wash pan that can rotate along the horizontal axis, which can be flexibly hidden in the wall groove or placed horizontally for washing. An electric hot water tank is set on the top cover, connected with a removable hot water nozzle, and the equipment on the wall is waterproof Storage box and shallow trough for shower, toilet and other supplies. The bathroom is also equipped with lighting lamps, hot and cold water and mixed water valves, mirrors and other auxiliary equipment. The bathroom is small in size, fully functional, and easy to install and labor-saving.

1. The structure of the high-strength load-bearing support metal structure constitutes the outer structure of the integrally formed wall panel to complete good load-bearing support;

2. The weight difference between a 3mm thick asbestos board and 8 tiles of the same size is 252.6g, which is 30% lighter than asbestos board;

3. High-density insulation. The fire resistance level reaches B1, and the sound insulation function can reach 50 decibels. The characteristics of the FRP layer determine that it has thermal insulation properties;

4. Excellent heat preservation function. Under the premise of outdoor heat preservation of 0℃ and room temperature of 25℃, asbestos board with 3mm thickness and indoor temperature difference of 15℃, while the temperature difference between ceramic tile wall and indoor is no temperature difference;

5. The elegant appearance can unify the colors and surface materials according to the indoor style, and the combination of cold and warm colors complements various raw materials and sanitary wares, satisfying customers' requirements for safety and novel styles when using them.

6. High installation efficiency: large components are produced in the factory and assembled on site. Only a single type of work is required, and each set takes about 4-6 hours.

7. The material is environmentally friendly and energy-saving-the characteristics of the foamed layer determine that it has the characteristics of heat preservation and heat insulation; it has good sound insulation.

8. Integral installation method: factory packing → overall transportation → site hoisting → flat push into the site.

9. Assembled installation method: level the site→combined wall plate→install the top plate→install the inner parts.