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Is it suitable for the application of integrated bathroom in the family?

  Integral bathroomThe concept of “B” broke the traditional concept of sanitary ware in the past, and the overall sanitary products gradually entered our daily life. It initiated environmental protection and energy saving. But for those who don’t know enough, there will still be some doubts about this. Is the overall bathroom suitable for families? Today we will carefully analyze the relevant information about the overall bathroom step by step.

1. The design concept of the overall bathroom

The overall bathroom seeks to make more effective use of space in the structural design. No matter what size room, there is a corresponding overall bathroom for everyone to choose from. The integral bathroom perfectly combines the space. The bathtub and the bottom plate of the integral bathroom are integrated without any splicing gaps, which basically resolves the problem of water leakage on the floor of the traditional bathroom. In the overall bathroom, reasonable layout and exquisite design complement each other. It is no longer a collection of individual bathroom products, and more and more tends to humanized design. In contrast, the design of our traditional bathroom is indistinguishable.

Second, the advantages of the overall bathroom

1. The integral bathroom has the unique feature of no leakage, which is completely incomparable to the traditional bathroom.

2. The structure of the overall bathroom is also strong and reliable. It is separated from the built frame as a whole, achieving a good load-bearing support.

3. The overall bathroom installation is very concise, because it is an overall structure, we directly fix the chassis on the base layer, which shortens our construction period on the one hand, and concise all aspects of the bathroom installation on the other hand.

4. The integral sanitary ware does not need to be waterproof, but our traditional sanitary ware must be waterproof. If the waterproof is not done well, it will cause various leakage problems. The integral bathroom has successfully avoided our worries about the quality of waterproofing at this point, because it basically does not need to be waterproof. The integral bathroom uses an integrated drainage floor drain, so we only need to connect the drain pipe.

Whether it is in the hot summer, we go home to take a cold shower, or in the cold winter, go home to take a hot bath, it is a very pleasant thing to think about. In general, installing an integrated bathroom at home is more convenient and easier than our traditional general bathroom. The comfort of the bathroom is the greater satisfaction of our residents!