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What are the main characteristics of the overall bathroom

  Whole bathroomIt is a general term for a new type of industrialized bathroom products. The product has an independent frame structure and supporting functions. A set of molded products is an independent functional unit, which can be assembled in any environment according to the needs of use. The integral toilet (ie, integral bathroom) is an independent sanitary unit that realizes multiple functions such as washing face, showering, and toileting in a limited space. Supply the toilet system that is installed and used in a factory production method. The product of the integral bathroom mainly includes the outer frame structure of the main form of the product, such as the top plate, the wall plate, and the waterproof chassis, followed by the hardware, sanitary ware, lighting, and water and electricity systems inside the bathroom that can meet the product functionality.

Feature 1: Integral molding, one-piece molding. The integrated bathroom is usually formed by CNC machine tools at one time. It has high accuracy and good stability. It eliminates artificially formed hollow drums, uneven seams and other quality problems, and ensures a seamless beauty and stability. It also eliminates the hidden danger of water leakage in traditional bathroom.

Feature 2: Reasonable layout and simple installation. The overall bathroom pursues the most effective use of space in structural design. Even if the bathroom in the home is less than 2 square meters, there is a corresponding overall bathroom to choose from. It avoids the troubles caused by incorrect selection of materials and improper decorations during construction, and makes people have the fun of DIY. Two people can complete the work in half a day to one day, greatly shortening the construction period.

Feature 3: Energy-saving, environmentally friendly and green assembly The wall, floor, and ceiling of the whole bathroom are made of aviation resin materials, and high-end bathroom products such as computer steam rooms and massage bathtubs are widely used. They are environmentally friendly and do not need to be tiled; excellent antibacterial function Can escort people's health.

Feature 4: The space is simple and comfortable. The whole bathroom is saved: the water consumption for bathing and toilet in the whole bathroom is only half of the traditional one. The common pressure regulation design of plumbing fittings eliminates the problems of high noise in the water tank and water leakage in the toilet that cannot be solved for a long time.