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What should be paid attention to in the production of school toilets

What should we pay attention to in the school bathroom due to its particularity:

1. Color and raw materials

Any color. Just deal with the clean color problem. It is recommended to match with light and dark colors. This effect is better. From a long-term experience, black, dark green, and dark blue are relatively simple and dirty for home decoration, so we must use white in cooperation. The selection of raw materials for the toilet includes:

1) For ceilings, a 300x300 square perforated aluminum gusset is suitable. This is to avoid the accumulation of water vapor on the board surface to form ugly stains.

2) The wall of the bathroom can be made of various materials, but there is only one condition: waterproof. Glazed tiles, natural stone, etc. can be used. But not sandstone type stone.

3) The floor of the toilet should be non-slip.

2. Door leaf and frame

1) Use materials that are not afraid of water, such as PVC doors and aluminum/stainless steel doors. However, PVC should not be ordinary PVC, but thick-walled.

2) Treat the lower part of the door frame made of wooden materials. The specific method is to paint this part.

3) The lower part of the door frame made of wooden materials is made of waterproof materials, such as stainless steel.

3. Toilet

But pay attention to two points when buying a toilet:

1) Whether the sewage pipe is of back row type or bottom row type.

2) The height of the pipe hole of the rear toilet must be consistent with the height of the sewage pipe hole (refer to the distance from the ground)

3) The distance between the pipes of the lower-row toilets should match the distance from the center point of the sewage outlet to the wall. The scale of purchase can only be less than or equal to, not greater than.

4. Toilet lamps

Toilet lamps are required to be anti-fog and easy to clean, so ceiling lamps with covers are a better choice. The lamps in the toilet should be bright, not too dark. For mirror lamps, incandescent or natural light-colored fluorescent tubes should be used. Under clean white lights, people will look pale when looking at the mirror, so it is not recommended.