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Do you know why the overall bathroom is developing rapidly?

With the popularization of well-decorated residences in the real estate industry, as well as the introduction of housing industrialization and low-carbon environmental protection housing policies, the overall bathroom is gradually entering the families of ordinary people. The "whole" of the integral bathroom is mainly because its moulded chassis is integral, with outstanding waterproof and leakproof functions. This advanced material and craftsmanship subverts and replaces the traditional way of decorative plasterers sticking tiles to make bathrooms. And this industrialized mass production method is suitable for large quantities of hardcovered houses, finely decorated apartments, chain hotels, hospitals, schools and other public facilities, and is the future development direction of bathhouses.

1. Overall design

The overall bathroom is developed by cutting-edge experts in various disciplines such as ergonomics, architecture, industry, molds, materials, etc. The bathhouse has a reasonable spatial layout, which is very humane in terms of style, space design, and color design, and the practicality and function of the bathroom Sex and beauty are played to perfection.

2. Overall supply

The supplier supplies the floor, wall, ceiling, bathing area, toilet, washstand, vanity mirror, faucet, towel rack, bath towel rack, shower curtain, tissue box, low-noise ventilation fan, waterproof soft light, sliding door And so on dozens of pieces. It can be satisfied with your bathing, toileting, washing, grooming, all in one step, saving effort and worry.

3. Overall production

All parts of the overall bathroom are prefabricated in the factory, and large-scale presses and steel molds are used to realize industrialized and standardized production, which is fast, stable and reliable in quality, and requires repeated quality inspections. The main body of the bathhouse is formed by high temperature and high pressure one-time compression molding, with high density, high strength, light weight but strong and durable.

Fourth, the overall installation

Install the bathroom like building blocks. The integrated bathroom uses a simple and convenient installation method, instead of the traditional mason site paving method, no noise, no pollution, no construction waste; quick installation, two workers can install a complete bathroom in 4-5 hours, greatly shortening The construction period is reduced, labor costs and time costs of the owner are saved.