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How much do you know about the overall bathroom

One, the concept of the overall bathroom cabinet

The so-called integral bathroom cabinet refers to the integrated bathroom furniture equipment designed and manufactured by integrating bathroom furniture with basins, faucets, mirrors and other sanitary wares. In a sense, the overall bathroom cabinet surpasses the traditional bathroom furniture. Its integrated characteristics integrate all parts of the bathroom space into one, which is pleasing to the eye, convenient and practical.

At present, the overall bathroom cabinet can basically complete mass customization production, and its design must not only meet the requirements of standardized mass production, but also meet the personalized non-standard requirements of users to a certain extent.

The characteristics of the overall bathroom cabinet

1. Complete functions

The integral bathroom cabinet expands the space concept and use function of the bathroom. It can meet three major functions: toilet function, storage and storage function, and decoration function.

The toilet function is the first functional requirement of the bathroom. At the same time, the bathroom is a particularly simple and messy place, with a lot of bath products, so the storage and tidying function of the bathroom cabinet is essential. The design of the overall bathroom cabinet should also consider factors such as people's walking position, height of the countertop, and habits of taking things, so that the product is more comfortable and comfortable while meeting people's needs.

Beautify the space

The integral bathroom cabinet can not only store fine daily necessities such as shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel and bathrobe, but also hide the water pipes and wires in the bathroom to make it look neat and clean. The decoration of the overall bathroom cabinet is reflected in the integrity and coordination of the cabinet and its matching mirrors, basins, and faucet shapes and colors. The overall bathroom cabinet can be selected sensitively according to the bathroom space, and its characteristics of free combination and free matching can be used to create an atmosphere in the change. The overall bathroom cabinet is designed to continuously combine new home life concepts with the popular features of mainstream furniture such as living rooms and bedrooms, so that the small environment based on bathroom furniture can be integrated into the large environment of the room and become a display of the master's grade and taste. Home highlights.