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Do you understand the advantages of using the overall bathroom?

The integral bathroom is also called the integral bathroom. It is an integral structure composed of an integrated waterproof chassis or a combination of bathtub and waterproof chassis, wall panels and top cover, and an independent sanitary unit composed of various functional sanitary wares; it has shower, bath, washing, and defecation. The four major functions or arbitrary combinations of these functions can achieve the best overall effect in the smallest space.

What are the advantages of the overall bathroom?

1. Not limited by space

The biggest feature of the whole bathroom is that it is not limited by the size of the space, and the design seeks the most useful indoor space. Therefore, even if the bathroom space is only 4 square meters, it can be adopted according to the occupants' preferences and needs. Humanized design.

2. Easy to install

Dry construction is used for the whole bathroom, without the sand, cement and other construction materials used in traditional bathroom. When installing, only screws, adhesives and other materials are used. As the installation procedure is relatively simple, it can be completed in one day.

3. No need to be waterproof

The integral bathroom does not require waterproof measures. The bathtub and the bottom plate are molded into one body without splicing gaps, so that the water leakage and leakage problems of the traditional bathroom are fundamentally solved. The raw materials of the integral bathroom are tight, the surface is smooth and bright, and the cleaning is very simple, and the service life of the integral bathroom is generally long. Compared with the traditional bathroom, the advantages of the overall bathroom are quite obvious.

4. Overall beautiful

The sanitary equipment in the whole bathroom is unified and coordinated, and the design is one-time installation, rather than the collection of individual sanitary equipment in the traditional bathroom. Therefore, in terms of the overall aesthetics of the bathroom, the traditional bathroom looks inferior.