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Analyze how to effectively prevent leakage in the whole bathroom

How to prevent leakage in the whole bathroom

Preventive measures for toilet leakage caused by the user's use

(1) After receiving the house, the user should strictly follow the instruction manual and the decoration instructions of the property company to decorate the house. Especially in the bathroom, it should not be dismantled indiscriminately, and holes should not be drilled in the ground to install mechanical equipment to prevent leakage through the waterproof layer.

(2) If the user really needs to make major changes to the bathroom and damage the original waterproof layer, the bathroom floor shall be waterproofed again according to relevant regulations, and the waterproof construction quality requirements must meet the relevant provisions of the quality acceptance standard.

Prevention of toilet leakage caused by improper management

The bathroom can be equipped with all the required functions, including two stages from planning to construction, including many processes and many interspersed specialties, but the completion of each link cannot be separated from human management. Management runs through the entire process of planning, construction and post-delivery warranty, which is a very important factor in project quality.

Although toilet leakage will not cause safety problems in house engineering structure, it seriously affects the use of functions and thus cannot improve people's quality of life. There are many reasons for toilet leakage. No matter what the reason is, when the toilet is functioning, a quality failure point appears in a certain link, which leads to a potential leakage risk. To prevent toilet leakage, it is important for all participating personnel to be responsible, coordinate and communicate, strictly abide by various rules and regulations, strictly abide by various standards, technical standards, etc., and control the quality of each link to completely eliminate toilet leakage.

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