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Briefly on the advantages and disadvantages of the whole bathroom

Advantages of the whole bathroom

1. Waterproof and leakproof

What is a whole bathroom? The outstanding feature of the integral toilet is its molded chassis. Since it is a whole, it is waterproof and leak-proof. Therefore, when installing the integral toilet, there is no need to worry too much about the waterproof problem of the toilet.

2. Beautiful and effective

To a certain extent, the integral bathroom obviously surpasses the traditional bathroom. It combines the functions of shower, washing, dressing, etc., which is convenient for people's lives and is very effective. The color matching and style of the bathroom appliances have a certain visual sense, which is in line with modern fashion. The concept of furniture and the aesthetics of most people.

3. Organize

The bathroom of the integral bathroom is a combination of washbasins and other furniture. The designed lockers can store some subtle daily necessities, and some designs can also hide the water pipes and wires in the bathhouse, making the entire bathhouse change It is clean and fresh and looks very comfortable.

4. Easy to organize

Most of the integral toilets use composite materials, which have high raw material density and have the advantages of heat insulation and anti-aging. Compared with traditional toilets, this kind of material is used to make the surface of the entire toilet easier to tidy up, just wipe it with a rag.

Overall bathroom disadvantages

Disadvantages of the overall bathroom

The price of the whole bathroom is relatively high. High-end hotel decoration will choose the whole bathroom, but it is not suitable for small-sized and economical families. Since the small-sized apartment is not very large, the whole bathroom will be very congested and unpleasant. A sense of depression.

The deployment skills of the whole bathroom

Fourth, the overall bathroom deployment skills

The overall bathroom deployment skills are also very important. Generally speaking, the color adjustment of the overall bathroom meets the aesthetic needs of most people. In order to better build the bathroom environment, we can design different lights to set off before the overall bathroom is installed. , Because different lights give people different feelings. After the later stage is completed, some green plants can be placed in the bathroom, such as green dill, rich bamboo, tiger tail orchid and other different green plants, which can not only purify the air, but also decorate the bathroom, killing two birds with one stone.