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The commercial competitiveness of the overall shower room

In the entire shower room industry circle, with the maturity of the industry and the improvement of all aspects of the product requirements of the mid-range shopping malls, the saying "Don't always want to be the No.1 in the market, be the only one in the subdivision category" has been Both exist, especially in the current accelerating period of professional upgrading and transformation of all shower rooms, and the leading segment of the market is more in line with the main theme of the entire career development situation at that time.

But "easy to say but difficult to do". The concept of domestic industry striving to become the No. 1 shopping mall is based on the competition idea of ​​planning to be king and winning at low prices in the traditional economic era. In the past, many domestic manufacturers rely on their hometown production advantages to have low cost advantages in domestic and overseas shopping malls in our country. However, with the decline of the domestic production industry at that time, the cost advantage is no longer obvious. The bitter fruit of the "price war", on the contrary, has to face the pressure of many corporate competitions.

You know: shopping malls are the result of competition based on corporate brand, skills, products, marketing, and services. Facing the volatile and evolving needs of users in the Internet age, manufacturers in the period of transformation and upgrading want to compete for uniqueness and make differences, and need to work in many ways, and strive to win more from the uniqueness of products, skills and services. Recognized by users and shopping malls, talents will gain a more stable market share and professional status.

How to do it?

From the perspective of shopping mall competition and business layout, the positioning of the corporate mall and the uniqueness of participating in business competitions are also very important. The product is the direct "bridge" between the enterprise and the customer. Whether it can attract customers, whether it is stable and reliable, is the direct factor that determines whether the customer ultimately chooses. But we must also be clear: from a certain point of view, industrial products are permanently changing, and the hardware products at that time can never be the only ones, because you have what others can imitate. Especially in the professional world, various related intellectual property rights protection laws and regulations are not perfect, plagiarism and imitation are flooded, even differentiated products, being copied is very simple.

This is probably the reason why the industry has been paying more and more attention to innovation in terms of product soft power and striving for unusual products. In recent years, from the perspectives of the industry’s new product release status and the product status at professional exhibitions, many have begun to focus on the optimization and innovation of product soft power, such as "accurate sales advertising push channels for commercial display malls" "," and the "cloud channel display system" suitable for high security and high-tech fields, etc., are the performance of the differentiated development from the soft power of the product.

In addition, "differentiated services" is also an important breakthrough for enterprises to achieve "only". With the increasing homogeneity of products, the competition among enterprises has gradually evolved into a competition of service level and after-sales service. The service mentioned here not only refers to the after-sales service we often talk about, but also includes pre-sales and in-sales, which show the difference and uniqueness of services in all aspects. Strive to give customers a comparison of product purchase experience, so that customers truly "understand buying and buy at ease."

At that time, when the pace of industrial product innovation slowed down, to complete breakthrough innovations, strong resource integration and innovation capabilities were required, and the accumulation of demand at the time and long-term observation of market demand. Under the circumstances, differentiated display engineering solutions and differentiated high-quality service capabilities are promising to become the strategic high ground for the next stage of manufacturer competition!