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The characteristics of the integrated bathroom

Advantages of the integrated bathroom

1. Eliminate leakage

One-piece waterproof chassis, patented waterproof reverse edge and water slope planning, no leakage risk;

2. The structure is robust and reliable

Separate and independent from the built frame, complete outstanding load-bearing support;

3. Turn zero into a whole trinity

Mu-Lin's integrated bathroom uses aviation materials-SMC as the main frame material, integrated planning and standardized production by precision numerical control equipment, which organically blends the three functions of bathing, washing, and toileting, as well as water supply system, drainage system, circuit system, etc. The overall solution of supporting equipment

4. No need to do waterproof treatment

It has a slope of flowing water, it is enough to adjust the irradiation level of the equipment, and no waterproof is required;

5. Simple equipment

Because of the overall structure, the chassis is directly placed on the ground floor and fixed on site;

6. Shorten the construction period

The construction is not affected by the season, and the construction period is greatly shortened compared with wet operation;

These advantages can foresee the future development of the integrated bathroom. Now in Japan, more than 90% of hotels and 70% of residences use integrated toilets.

Disadvantages of one bathroom

1. The one-piece bathroom has so many advantages, but the same, compared with the traditional bathroom, it also has certain disadvantages. First, the integrated bathroom occupies more area than the general bathroom decoration, so for the general small-area family, the space of this integrated bathroom will appear to be small. One toilet is now suitable for hotels, hospital wards, student apartments, etc. Not yet widespread in ordinary families

2. There are many types of integrated toilet products, and it is necessary to establish a clear division of labor and order team to ensure that the products are delivered on time;

3. The price is expensive. Many supporting products require other companies to OEM, and the consumption is not high, which cannot constitute economies of scale. In addition, the cost of product planning, logistics and distribution and other costs are increased, and the price of integrated toilets is also difficult to popularize.