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Introduction to the characteristics of integrated toilets

Integrated toilets are becoming more and more popular among the general public in the real estate industry. The reasons are as follows:

1. Science and technology first, enjoy green and environmental protection comfortably:

No formaldehyde or any other gas, no radioactive elements of ceramic tiles, no radiation pollution, just install and live

2. Long-term use:

After use: SMC has a aging life of more than 30 years, which can ensure the service life of the integrated bathroom for at least 20 years, which greatly exceeds the decoration cycle of ordinary households

Stability: After the SMC is subjected to high temperature and pressure, the molecular structure becomes extremely tight, the material has no micropores, and the pressure capacity is strong

Stability: SMC is acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, no deformation or discoloration after 100 hours of inspection in a water bath at 80℃

3. Do not leak

The integrated toilet waterproof plate is molded at one time, and the water is locked together with the flanging plan, and there is no leakage, eliminating the shortcomings of running, dripping, and leaking in the traditional bathroom

4. Safety insulation

SMC material has good insulation, no conductivity, safe and reliable use

5. Low carbon and energy saving

There is a thermal insulation buffer layer between the integrated toilet and the wall to prevent heat from being absorbed by the building. With the thermal insulation function of the SMC material itself, even in the northern winter, there is no need to install a radiator or a bath heater

6. Turning zero into a trinity Mu-Lin integrated toilet, choose aviation material-SMC as the main structural material, integrated planning and standardized production by precision numerical control equipment, is an organic integration of the three functions of bathing, washing, toileting and water supply system, The overall solution of drainage system, circuit system and other supporting equipment.

7. Plan the bathroom like a car

Experts in ergonomics, construction, industry, molds, materials, aesthetics, etc. are mobilized to develop together to coordinate the functionality and beauty of the bathhouse.

8. Produce toilets like cars

All parts are prefabricated in the factory, and the main body of the bathroom uses a large CNC press and a precision steel mold to complete the industrialization and standardized production to ensure the quality is stable.

9. Stationary supply

Provide floor, wall, ceiling, toilet, faucet, hardware, lighting, electrical appliances, ventilation and other accessories, allowing users to save money, worry and effort.

10. Install the bathroom like building blocks

The standardized and standardized high-efficiency installation method replaces the cumbersome process and the traditional decoration method of unstable quality. It is installed within 4 hours and is ready to use.