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Contrast between integrated bathroom and traditional bathroom

In fact, in the bathroom product series, the owners may pay more attention to functionality, practicality, style, color, personalization, etc. during the purchase process. Nowadays, more and more young people are buying houses. In the time of decoration, young people are remarkably more accepting of new decoration methods. During this period, they pay more and more attention to the bathroom, and the integrated bathroom is gradually entering people’s sight. , While improving the practicability, it also pays attention to the aesthetics. Today we will discuss the advantages of integrated bathroom compared to traditional bathroom.

1. Free from space constraints

The remarkable feature of the integrated bathroom is that it is not restricted by the size of the space, and seeks to use the indoor space effectively in the design. Therefore, even the bathroom space of only 4 square meters can adopt a humanized design according to the needs of the occupants.

2. No need to be waterproof

The integrated bathroom does not need to be waterproof, the bathtub and the bottom plate are molded into one body at one time, and there is no splicing gap, which fundamentally solves the problems of water leakage and leakage in the traditional bathroom. The material of the entire bathhouse is compact, the surface is smooth and smooth, the cleaning time is very simple, and the service life of the entire bathhouse is generally long. Compared with the traditional bathroom, the advantages of the whole bathroom are obvious.

3. Convenient installation

The integrated bathroom uses dry construction, without the sand, cement and other construction materials used in traditional bathroom. When installing, only screws, adhesives and other materials are used, and the installation process is not polluted. Because the installation procedures are relatively simple, Therefore, one day's construction period can be completed.

4. Overall beautiful

The sanitary equipment in the integrated bathroom is unified and coordinated, and the design of a one-time installation is not a collection of traditional toilets. Therefore, in terms of the overall beauty of the bathroom, the integrated bathroom has a significant advantage over the traditional bathroom.