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Introduction to the advantages of the overall shower room

In modern home life, people have higher and higher requirements for the sanitary equipment and equipment of manufacturers that produce integrated shower rooms. As a bathroom with a small area in the home, it contains a lot of sanitary ware and supplies. The presentation of the room just satisfies people's expectations about the bathroom. It only takes a small moment to clearly distinguish the bathroom.

The overall shower room with exquisite appearance, located in the bathroom, is beautiful and generous. In addition to the useful functions of dry and wet separation and spatial area differentiation, it can also become a decoration of the bathroom, a beautiful landscape. In addition, the use of the integral shower room in winter also has the effect of heat preservation, because the water vapor can gather in the small space of the integral shower room for a short time during use, and it will not be lost as quickly as a normal shower, allowing people to take a shower in winter. Can also feel very warm.

People who don't know the overall shower room are also confused about the concept of wet and dry. Dry and wet are the more popular planning concepts in bathroom planning. In the past, after using traditional bathroom equipment, the bathroom would inevitably be filled with water vapor, and the humid air stayed in the bathroom for a long time, which simply caused bacteria to grow in the bathroom. The use of the overall shower room can perfectly cut the space of the bathroom, insist on the dry and sanitary space outside the overall shower room, and always adhere to the regular and beautiful environment of the bathroom.

Generally, in small and medium-sized apartment rooms, the bathroom space is relatively small and can't contain the bathtub, while the integrated shower room can save a lot of orientation and space. Rectangular shower room is more suitable in a relatively large area of ​​the bathroom. In the large space shower room, you can have a more comfortable and hearty bathing experience, and it is also very simple to take care of, which can eliminate dead corners in the bathroom.