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The decoration steps of the overall bathroom

Now the bathroom decoration is not only to satisfy the needs of the family’s bathroom day, but also to let it express the taste and identity of the owner of the room. All bathrooms are the best in the bathroom products, but also allow the owner to enjoy high-quality bathroom days. It’s natural to choose all bathrooms for family bathroom decoration. How to decorate all bathrooms? To solve this problem, the editor will teach us how to decorate all bathrooms easily. Just take these four steps, I believe you can get a satisfactory decoration effect of all bathrooms.

One: Understand all bathroom brands, select brands according to needs

Since the birth of the entire bathroom concept, bathroom brands of all sizes on the market have swarmed from all bathroom products. Customers are faced with such a market situation, and it is difficult to find all bathroom brands with quality from so many brands. What are the brands of all bathroom products that customers need to know? What is the recognition of all bathroom products of these brands in the market? What is the reputation of customers for their use? Is the product cost-effective? Is the product water-saving? Product after-sales service Good owe? And so on. Knowing all these aspects clearly, customers can select all bathroom brands suitable for their consumption according to their needs.

Two: size, style

After knowing all the bathroom brands and knowing it well, we need to measure the size of each functional area of ​​the bathroom, and confirm my favorite bathroom decoration style, so as to facilitate the purchase of all bathroom products. The size, color and appearance match the decoration style of the bathroom, satisfying the family's bathroom habits and requirements.

Three: buy all bathroom products of high quality

Carefully distinguish the product material, quality and water absorption rate, and then choose the bathroom products that are of good quality and can be assigned to the bathroom decoration style in accordance with the appearance, color, and size of the product. This step can be identified by the following techniques: 1. Look first and then touch: Under strong light, observe whether the surface construction process of the bathroom product is qualified, there are blisters or pits on the surface, and the product does not reflect the light well. It is recommended to discard; touch the surface of the product with your hands, and the surface is smooth and delicate. 2. Knock and listen: If you tap the surface of the product with your hand, the ceramic product with a loud sound can generally confirm that the product is dense.

Four: professional equipment

Although the entire bathroom equipment is simple and the construction time is short, in order to ensure the use of all bathroom products, it is still necessary to have professional equipment and personnel.

The total cost of bathroom decoration is higher than that of ordinary bathroom items. Customers choose all bathrooms to make the bathroom decoration more beautiful and to enjoy high-quality bathroom days. If there is no time for bathroom decoration It is worthless to do a good job in the renovation of all bathrooms. In the end, it costs a lot of money, but it does not get a satisfactory decoration effect. Therefore, it is necessary to do the above four steps for the decoration of all bathrooms.