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Precautions for the selection of integrated toilets

1. Pay attention to selecting suitable materials.

Regarding the transformation of the old integrated bathroom, the old is traded in. Incorrect selection of materials will waste the cost. It is important to select the right materials. We know that the bathroom is a place where it is easy to get wet. When choosing to re-lay the floor from scratch, we must pay attention to waterproofing. When laying the floor, pay attention to laying a waterproof layer on the base layer and reinforce the waterproof layer. When selecting materials, try to blend with the original materials to reduce the workload.

2. Pay attention to the decoration of the bathroom ceiling.

The renovation of the old bathroom is also due to the long-term environment, so the bathroom environment renovation should pay attention to the ceiling decoration. The ceiling decoration of the bathroom should be planned according to different needs. For example, if the bathroom area of ​​a large family is spacious, the height of the ceiling should be considered. Choosing a suitable height will not appear deserted in the vast bathroom. You can also add equipment to fill the space. Make the bathroom full. When considering the ceiling and the wet environment of the bathroom, the ceiling should be corrosion-resistant. Considering that the aging of the equipment will cause replacement troubles, it is also recommended to replace the ceiling as a whole. The partial replacement will appear incompatible. After all, the transformation must be perfect.

3. Pay attention to choosing the right sanitary ware.

In the family room, the bathroom and the toilet are combined together, and the whole is called the toilet. Therefore, there are bathtubs, toilets, water heaters, wash basins and other sanitary wares that mainly consider the drainage function. The selection of toilets is particularly important. This is a sanitary ware with a high frequency of use, so it is simple and bad, and is mainly environmentally friendly. The toilet should be selected with mute and water saving functions. Many of the bathtubs are basins, and pedestal basins can be considered behind.

There are many renovation techniques for the integrated bathroom, mainly to make the old bathroom into a relaxed and happy style on the materials, ceiling and sanitary ware.