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What are the advantages of prefabricated toilets

The prefabricated bathroom is formed by the factory at one time, and then installed on-site. It is a fast, convenient and comfortable bathroom product. The prefabricated bathroom is compact, exquisite, never leaks, has complete functions, saves the bathroom area, and avoids the use of bathroom heaters, is very clean, and is conducive to cleaning the bathroom; the reason why the prefabricated bathroom is different from the traditional bathroom is mainly reflected in: the traditional bathroom is made of mud Bricklayers perform loose decoration and installation. Floor tiles, face tiles, ceilings, sinks, sanitary ware, toilets, etc. need to be purchased separately and then installed together. Traditional bathrooms need to be waterproofed on the ground before decoration. If the waterproofing is not in place, water seepage and water leakage will occur in subsequent use, and the junction of brick surface construction and equipment installation will leave sanitary corners. The prefabricated bathroom does not need to be tiled, and does not need to be a waterproof toilet. The floor, wall, ceiling, door and toilet, basin, faucet, hardware, etc. of the overall bathroom are all made and installed by the same manufacturer, which eliminates the messy selection process and is of high quality.

Introduction to the advantages of prefabricated toilets

1. The walls, floors and ceilings of the prefabricated bathrooms are made of SMC aviation resin materials and HCM Regent composite decoration panels. High-quality sanitary products such as computer steam rooms and massage bathtubs are also widely used. They are environmentally friendly and do not need to be tiled. , Good anti-skid function.

2. The outstanding antibacterial function of prefabricated toilets can protect people's health.

3. The bathroom of the prefabricated bathroom adopts a professional waterproof chassis, which can handle the leakage problem of the bathroom well.

4. The prefabricated bathroom is easy to clean, and it can be bright as new when flushed with water. It is very easy to clean, and there is no hygienic corner, and there will be no directions that cannot be cleaned.