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What are the characteristics of the overall bathroom design

Whole bathroomThe main reason is that its molded chassis is integral, which is waterproof and leak-proof. Its high cost and many imitation features make it mostly used in the decoration of airplanes and high-quality restaurants. This advanced technology replaces the traditional method of plasterers to make bathhouses with tiles. This industrialized production method is the future development direction of bathhouses, just like the overall cabinets that appeared more than ten years ago. Industrialization instead of manual pasting is the inevitable trend of social progress.

Following the development and improvement of the plan, the overall bathroom has a new interpretation: it is an independent sanitary unit that completes multiple functions such as washing, bathing, dressing, and toileting in a limited space. It uses an integrated waterproof chassis, wall panels, and top cover to form an overall frame, and integrates sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, bath screens, bathtubs, faucets, showers, tile accessories, etc. into an overall environment.

Ventilation is one of the key points of the overall bathroom planning, which is also out of safety and hygiene considerations. A bathroom with a window is more ambitious and can be naturally ventilated through the window. For black hole-style toilets without windows, ventilation ducts and exhaust fans must be added.

The lighting requirements of the bathroom are not too high, so the lighting function of the windows is listed after ventilation. For the lighting of the bathroom, soft brightness is usually sufficient.

The ceiling is suitable for hanging panels such as plastic plates, glass and translucent plates, and can also be decorated with waterproof paint. Light steel keel or aluminum alloy keel ceiling can also be used, and the top plate can be made of PVC board or aluminum-plastic board.

Anti-skid and leak-proof on the ground is also one of the key points of toilet planning. Therefore, water-proof, dirt-resistant, non-slip floor tiles, colorful glazed tiles or granite should be used when doing ground treatment. The floor of the bathroom should be inclined to the drain.

For general toilets with a small area, a shower can save space more than a bathtub. The washbasin can be a bracket type. If you have better ventilation, you can make a small closet on the wall to place some odd items.

The bathroom with a larger area can be equipped with a multi-jet shower, a massage bathtub or a non-slip bathtub, so that the marble-paneled washbasin can be equipped with a large bath mirror, an electric hair dryer, a shaver, and hot air drying. Hand tools etc.