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Installation requirements for prefabricated toilets

With the development of technology, the bathroom can be pre-made and then transported to the site for installation.

However, most of the related technologiesPrefabricated toiletIt is not prefabricated as a whole. Usually, after the prefabricated bathroom is transported to the site and installed with the floor slab, it is necessary to further install water and electricity pipes and toilets in the prefabricated bathroom; in addition, most of the prefabricated bathroom in related technologies is completely formed by pouring concrete, which cannot satisfy The light weight requirements of prefabricated toilets make it difficult to reduce the difficulty of construction on the site and save manpower and material resources.

Technical realization elements:

The technical solution adopted by the utility model to solve its technical problem is: constructing an integral prefabricated toilet, including a caisson and a wall surrounding the upper side of the caisson;

The walls of the wall body in different directions are integrally connected, and the wall body and the caisson are integrally connected;

A drainage pipe is laid in the caisson, and the water outlet end of the drainage pipe penetrates the wall;

The caisson and/or the wall is provided with a connection structure for detachable connection with the floor panel and the beam.

The inner surface of the box body is provided with a waterproof layer, and the backfill layer is arranged on the waterproof layer.

The waterproof material is painted to form the waterproof layer.

The backfill layer includes ceramsite concrete or aerated mortar.

The drainage pipe is set in the backfill layer, and the drainage pipe includes sewage drainage pipe, floor drain drainage pipe, water drainage pipe and toilet drainage pipe.

A water inlet is provided on the inner side of the wall, and a water supply pipe connected with the water inlet is also arranged in the wall and the backfill layer.

Circuit pipelines are embedded in the wall body.

The top of the prefabricated toilet is an open structure.

The integrated prefabricated bathroom implementing the utility model has the following beneficial effects: the prefabricated bathroom has a simple structure, simple and convenient production, and can be replicated industrialized standardized production. The prefabricated bathroom can be directly transported to the site for installation when used, which can save a lot of manpower, Material resources, realize the green building concept of energy saving and environmental protection, and the overall performance of the prefabricated bathroom is good, with the characteristics of light weight and high strength, which can reduce the load of the whole building.

The integral prefabricated bathroom is an independent non-stressed component. The four walls adopt thinner non-structural wall panels, and do not need to extend steel bars to the floor and cast-in-place walls. The integral bathroom is fixed by dry connection for easy installation.