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The advantages of integrated bathroom compared to traditional bathroom

Construction period comparison

1. Traditional decoration uses on-site wet work. Due to the limitations of the process flow and construction operations, it can only be implemented one after the other, which takes a lot of time; the flexibility of the construction period is poor, and the construction cannot be performed in the winter and rainy seasons in the north, and the pollution and noise caused by the construction are also great.

2,Integrated bathroomLarge-scale factory production is implemented, and dry construction is used on site. It only takes one step to assemble and form the toilet on site. Two skilled workers can install a set in 4 hours. The construction is flexible and the construction is as usual in winter and rainy season.

Cost comparison

1. The construction period is long, resulting in a large consumption of manpower and materials, and greatly increasing costs; affected by the season, the construction period is not easy to guarantee, which affects the investment time.

2. Shortening the construction period is equal to saving the project cost. The integrated sanitary ware greatly reduces the labor, water and electricity, on-site management, storage costs, etc., and the early completion of the project can be put into operation as soon as possible, bringing economic benefits to investors.

Comparison of bidding procedures

1. Projects with more than ten kinds of traditional construction methods need to measure the engineering quantity, and the process of bidding and final accounts is very cumbersome.

2. Apply the company's production management model to the construction site, implement strict installation procedures and construction standards, and make the site easy to manage and arrange.

Space saving comparison

The superimposed composite space is designed to make full use of the space. The toilet can be placed under the washstand, creating a superimposed combination mode and saving indoor space. The material optimizes the space, and the light and thin independent frame replaces the heavy sanitary partition wall, which greatly expands the effective use of the indoor space; the weight of the 30mm-thick tile siding is only equivalent to 1/3~1/ of the traditional cement mortar of the same thickness. 5. The weight of the overall bathroom is greatly reduced; the thickness of the two different forms of wall is about 131mm, which effectively expands the indoor use space.